Orson Charts for HTML5

Powerful and beautiful 3D charts for the Web!

Orson Charts for HTML5 is a 3D chart library written using Google's Dart programming language (compiled to Javascript) that can generate a wide variety of 3D charts for use in web pages. Powerful and yet very easy to use, Orson Charts for HTML5 is the perfect tool to provide intuitiive and interactive visualisations to your users.

Running on the web allows us to reach more people in more places.

David Gilbert - creator of Orson Charts for HTML5

Key features include:

  • multiple chart types: pie charts, bar charts (regular and stacked), area charts, scatter plots and surface charts;
  • a built-in lightweight 3D rendering engine based on the HTML5 Canvas API;
  • a mouse- and touch-enabled chart viewer provides 360 degree rotation for precise end-user view control;
  • flexible data sources;
  • auto-adaptive axis labeling;
  • a high degree of chart configurability.


There are four pricing levels for Orson Charts for HTML5:

  • Free - the free version of Orson Charts for HTML5 can be used by anyone, provided that you do not modify the script or otherwise obscure the copyright notice that is added to charts;
  • Single Developer/Site - a license for a single developer to use Orson Charts for HTML5 in a single website (US$99). This option is intended to provide a low-cost entry point for small businesses or independent developers;
  • Corporate - a license to use Orson Charts for HTML5 in multiple web sites developed by a team or teams in one physical location ($US495). This option includes the Dart source code and is intended for teams working in a small to medium sized corporate environment, or a research institution;
  • Enterprise - a license to use Orson Charts for HTML5 in multiple sites developed by any team employed by your enterprise (US$1,495). This option includes the Dart source code and is ideal for large corporations.

Purchasers will receive free updates and support for a 1 year maintenance period following purchase.

Support is provided by e-mail (support@object-refinery.com), and the maintenance period is extendable (at a cost of 25% of the current license fee per additional year).

Other Info

Some points to note:

  • Orson Charts for HTML5 provides 3D charts only, there is currently no support for 2D charts.
  • If you are also developing for the Java™ or Android platforms, please note that we have other editions of Orson Charts available for those platforms.