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We put power in the hands of developers with APIs that are engineered to deliver the features that users demand.

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Ease of Use

We make our APIs easy to use because we know the pressure and deadlines that developers are working against.

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Benefit from our experience TODAY ... you can download free/open source versions of all of our APIs, no registration required.

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Our Products

Industrial-strength, developer-focused APIs for data visualisation

Orson Charts

Interactive visualisation in 3D for Android, Java and Web developers. Our newest API, available for Java, Android and now the Web, adds a new dimension to your data displays. You will be amazed at how simple it is to add stunning 3D charts to your apps...and your users will be amazed at what you have delivered!


Orson PDF

Fast and lightweight PDF generation for Java. Create PDF documents using this incredibly lightweight API that utilises Java's Graphics2D API to create page content. Orson PDF is a great partner for Orson Charts, JFreeChart, and any other code that produces output via Java2D.


More than two decades of open source commitment has made JFreeChart the leading 2D chart API for the Java platform. Object Refinery Limited has been the primary sponsor of the JFreeChart project since its inception 20 years ago. We sell the JFreeChart Developer Guide, a comprehensive user manual for JFreeChart.


Our Clients

We have the privilege of supplying our products and services to many clients globally, including: