Orson PDF

Fast and lightweight PDF generation for the Java platform!

Orson PDF is a fast, lightweight library for generating PDF content via the Java2D Graphics2D API. It is a perfect partner for Orson Charts, JFreeChart and any other code that uses Java2D to generate content.

Orson PDF is very easy to use, and includes comprehensive Javadocs. We invite you to try the fully functional GPL licensed version of Orson PDF (complete source code included).

For companies that do not wish to be bound by the terms of the GNU General Public License, an alternative commercial license can be purchased for GBP149.00 (price subject to change).

If you have any questions about Orson PDF, don't hesitate to send a mail to info@object-refinery.com.

Version History

Orson PDF version 1.9
9 February 2019

This release fixes several bugs and adds an automatic module name.

Orson PDF version 1.8
30 November 2017

This release fixes minor bugs and streamlines the build setup.

Orson PDF version 1.7
28 September 2015

This release adds support for transparent images, an implementation of the create() method, several bug fixes and adds GPLv3 as a licensing option.

Orson PDF version 1.6
31 March 2014

This release adds support for shape outlines using arbitrary Stroke implementations (previously only BasicStroke was supported).

Orson PDF version 1.5
4 March 2014

This release includes support for rendering text as vector graphics (via a rendering hint), improved alpha transparency handling, minor font mapping additions and some Javadoc updates.

Orson PDF version 1.4
18 December 2013

This release contains fixes for an invalid XREF table format, code that can generate malformed PDF files in certain locales, and an issue with font names containing spaces.

Orson PDF version 1.3
8 November 2013

OrsonPDF version 1.3 is now available to download. This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes.

"Both JFreeSVG and OrsonPDF now generate beautiful images."

Orson PDF version 1.2
13 September 2013

OrsonPDF version 1.2 is now available to download. This release contains a fix for RadialGradientPaint.

Orson PDF version 1.1
4 September 2013

We've released a new version of the OrsonPDF library with improved support for AttributedStrings and numerous bug fixes.